Glasgow City Food Plan

Following a previous consultation, the Glasgow City Food Plan was formally launched on 15 June 2021. It’s a 10 year plan that aims to achieve:

“a food system in Glasgow that is fair, resilient and environmentally sustainable and enables everyone in Glasgow to eat healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate Good Food irrespective of where they live, their income or personal circumstances.”

It is formed around 6 main themes:

  • Food Poverty – Fair Food for All
  • Community Food
  • Food Procurement and Catering
  • Food Economy
  • Food and the Environment
  • Children and Young People

These themes are developed and outlined as part of the implementation plan that seeks to fulfill the aims of the Food Plan. This process will be the responsibility of The Glasgow Food Policy Partnership (GFPP), which is the various organisations and people who came together to develop the Plan. The GFPP will report annually to the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership.

The implementation plan is a detailed outline of actions and performance indicators along with proposed delivery organisations that will aim to realise the objectives of the Plan within the themes outlined above.

The Plan has a broad and ambitious focus. If Glasgow is serious about its aims to ‘Make Glasgow Greener’ as well as improving the health and wellbeing of its citizens, then it is incumbent on Glasgow City Council to work with the people and turn this Plan into a success.

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